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Enjoy the natural flavor that grows on our countryside

We are passionate about contributing to your diet with nutritious
morsels that leave on your palate the natural flavor of
our field.

To fulfill our purpose, we grow, transform and market food products obtained from the best selection of fruits and vegetables that grow in our own crops or through strategic alliances with local producers and suppliers.

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Our operation

Se enfoca en transformar la fruta en productos alimenticios de alta viabilidad comercial en el mercado nacional e internacional con óptima calidad y sabor natural, para ello contamos con una planta deshidratadora dedicada a procesar la fruta que proceden de nuestros cultivos y de campos aledaños.
Our operation

Discover the products we handle.


Snacks and fruit infusions that we
dehydrate in our processing plant in the municipality
of Sonsón Antioquia.


Marketing of fresh fruits
of the best quality from
our crops and the crops
of the peasants of the region.

Nutrafrut® Servicios

Training, consultancy and technical advice for producers.

Most selled products

Discover the best selling products.

Hass avocado

Thanks to our alliance with
suppliers from Abejorral, Aguadas
and Sonsón, we continue to satisfy
the demand of our customers.

Fruit mix

Under our brand Naoba® we are
bringing the fruit flavors of the
countryside to homes and commercial establishments.

Cherry tomato

Nutrafrut® continues to grow and
distribute and market
this coveted fruit.

Do you want to bring the taste of our field to more homes ?

Join our network of distributor partners committed to the quality and good taste of our 100% Colombian products.


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